Four Questions To Always Consider When Getting Car Removals in Sydney

20201006 - Mighty Car Removals - Blog 01 - Four Questions To Always Consider When Getting Car Removals in Sydney

Who couldn’t do with a bit of extra cash, particularly when you have an unwanted car that needs removing.

When you’re looking to remove an unwanted car, there are a few questions you need to ask your prospective car removal service provider before committing to them.

It’s important to engage an experienced and trustworthy company, to not only get the most bang for your buck, but also to avoid some of the pitfalls and hassles that some people may get caught up in.

Do You Provide Same Day Pickup?

Pick up can prove to be a hassle, you can be added to long waiting queues or asked to be home in five hours blocks waiting for a tow truck driver.

Before you engage any car removal service ask them, Do you provide same day pickup? and If so what is your average wait time?

This should give you an indication of a company’s serviceability and commitment to their customers.

Also, if they provide same day pick-up service, be careful they are not outsourcing this service to a third party contractor. Third party contractors can lead to you receiving less cash for your car, as there are now more parties involved, and can often result in a disjointed service.

At Mighty Car Removals, we do not use third party contractors, we provide a ONE hour turnaround service from the original phone quotation through to vehicle pickup in the Sydney metropolitan area.
Remember we come to you at a time that suits you the best!

Will You Match Any Written Quotation?

When it comes to getting the most cash for your car, it’s worthwhile to shop around and get the best deal available.

Make sure you ask any prospective car removal company, if they’ll match any written quotation?

Some companies will not follow through on phone quotations, and are more interested in wasting your time with balloon quotes.

Here at Mighty Car Removals, we offer a Best Price Guarantee!, we’ll beat any written competitor quote by 10%

Do You Use A Professional Tow Truck Driver?

This is a very important question to ask a prospective car removal service.

Removing a car is not a straightforward process, particularly if the car is not functioning, this will require a tow truck driver who is qualified and has had experience accessing hard to reach areas.

Ensuring the tow truck driver has insurance will protect both your vehicle and also your property when the removal process is underway.

In situations like this it’s best to be safe and ensure all parties are covered.

Mighty Car Removals only employs qualified fully insured tow truck drivers.

Will You Provide End-To-End Service From Initial Quotation Through To Vehicle Pickup?

When going through this process it helps to know that you’ll be taken care of from start to finish.

Unfortunately there are some companies out there that outsource certain parts of the process like vehicle pickup. This can result in unnecessary delays and miscommunications, where you are dealing with third party contractors, and may be forced to take care of your own paperwork.

Before engaging with a company, make sure they can clearly explain their end-to-end service.

Mighty Car Removals offers a seamless end-to-end service from providing you with a competitive quote to removing your unwanted vehicle and paying you instant cash.

We hope this information has given you a bit more light about car removals.

Do your research and make sure any prospective car removal service is able to answer any of your follow-up questions.

Are you thinking about removing a car? Feel free to get in touch and ask us some of these questions!

Contact us online today for same day pick-up service.

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